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My name is Robin and this is my story……

For as long as I can remember, my number one goal was to learn to drive and to pass my driving test as soon as legally possible. 

Leaving school at 16, I secured an apprenticeship as a mechanic, enabling me to save and buy my first car, a Mini. My job allowed me to drive and manoeuvre vehicles around the yard and any opportunity I had, you would find me practising in anything with at least 4 wheels, sometimes 18!! Eager to obtain my licence I signed up for a weeks intensive training course starting on the day of my 17th birthday. Passing my driving test on the sixth day was the most amazing feeling I had felt, achieving my number one goal.

A few years later, having gained my HGV licence, I found myself driving a truck, touring every corner of Europe and parts of Russia with pop groups, carrying all the equipment they needed for a concert.  Gaining so much knowledge and experience of driving in so many countries became invaluable.

When I finally decided to settle down, I worked for several haulage companies in various positions, the most rewarding, after being trained, was being an in-house Driving Assessor. This allowed me to assess and coach other drivers, improving their driver skills which eventually led me to becoming a driving instructor.

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My Tuition Car

The car you will be driving is a white 5 door BMW 1 Series, manual 6 speed gearbox with an economical 1.6 litre diesel engine that will return up to 60 MPG.

This is a very comfortable car with dual control clutch and brake fitted to the passenger side for the added benefit of teaching and safety. 

The air conditioning keeps the internal environment at a constant comfortable temperature.

My car is always kept clean inside and out with the driver controls sanitised between each student lesson and hand sanitiser always available.

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